Together with two German ‘mittelstand’ family businesses, the industrial holding company OPERANDO Partners GmbH is taking over UBC GmbH, the insolvent specialist for lightweight construction based in Baden-W├╝rttemberg. The rescue company UBC Composites GmbH will take over business operations on 1 February 2019.

“Since day one, we’ve been convinced that UBC is a perfect match,” says Christian Breuer, co-owner and founder of Operando. “We were very impressed by the commitment of the employees during the process. In the future, UBC will need to regain stability in its management and product portfolio. The aim is to lead UBC Composites GmbH to operational excellence through active employee and company development. The technological expertise and openness to new challenges of all UBC employees were the main reasons for us to forge a new path together in the field of lightweight construction,” says Mr Breuer. As proof of UBC’s technological competence, he cites: “Best-in-class visible carbon for Porsche, No. 1 supplier of carbon engines and certified R&D partner for Ferrari, development partner for the e-mobility industry as well as vertical transportation and turbine components for aviation – an excellent basis for further business development with new and existing customers”.

From now on, UBC will focus on the development and production of solutions for complex lightweight constructions, primarily in the automotive, motor sports and aerospace segments. The automotive expert Silvio Zeidler will soon be joining the management board.